C. Nobs
Computer enhanced photograph, c.1964
(before the operation)

Claude Nobs

Chief Scientist, Rissoletone Enterprises


Educated at Eton, Harrow, Winchester and Penge High School for Girls, Claude Nobs studied (unsuccessfully) for an HND in Physical Education at Acme College (now The University of Penge). He gained a Postgraduate Certificate of Cycling Proficiency, Cantab., 1956, being one of the few candidates to obtain this qualification by correspondence course.

Building on his keen personal interest in the subject, he became a Wardrobe Consultant in 1957. Now provides advice about wardrobes to countless clients worldwide.

Claude is an honorary member of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Nose Flutes.

Involvement with the company

In 1969, C. Nobs was co-founder of Rissoletone Enterprises and provided the inspiration for many of its top-flight products. As Chief Scientist, Nobs is now head of our massive research and development team and is personally responsible for pushing back the frontiers of technology, usually on a daily basis.

Notable Inventions