GOING DEAF? Then the Rissoletone Mega-Lobe Model 5000 is just what you need! Lightweight and compact, the space age Mega-Lobe is barely detectable in everyday use. Yet, using its immensely powerful amplification capability you will be able to hear a pin drop at 100 yards, or eavesdrop on distant conversations, possibly involving detailed top-secret military plans, racing tips, or recipe suggestions!

Save £££'s by listening to other people's wireless sets or gramophones! The patented sonic magnification unit is housed in a specially modified throat pastilles tin (blackcurrant flavour), which is discreetly worn on the upper surface of the head. The luxurious padded high fidelity stereophonic headset not only provides unparalleled sound quality, but also conceals unsightly ear hair! Power is provided by a compact 120 volt lead-acid power pack, which may be strapped to a convenient inner thigh. Being waterproof it can be used (with care) in sauna baths or car washes, even with the window open!

The Mega-Lobe Model 5000 comes complete with a hand made natural leatherette carrying case, 20 yard mains extension cable, and matching nit resistant Bri-Nylon hairpiece!

Complete form and send with remittance (in used £5 notes) to:

Rissoletone Electroacoustic Mfg. Co.
Dept LOBE1
12b Peabody Buildings
Neasden, London NW6.