Are You Shamed By Your English?

A world-famous expert

by a World-Famous Expert

A simple technique for acquiring a mastery of English has just been announced. It can double your powers of self-expression - or in some cases, quadruple or quindruple them, depending on how many powers of self-expression you have in the first place.*

In business and social circles you will be able to hold your own with people who can speak and write, such as boffins, eggheads and toffs.

Even in these days of Information Technology, Colour Supplements and whatnot, an inability to express onesself clearly and concisely is seldom an infrequent phenomenon. A world-famous English speaking expert explains:

"A propensity to articulative dysphasia frequently results from a poorly developed lexical repository. Contradistinctorily, verbal polyplegia and malapropic spuriae may also factor in this syndrome, manifested as circumlocutive peregrinations and periphrastic excursions where more elementary lingual formations might be adjudged superior in an hierarchical value context. Malfunctional verbal systems are common symptoms of sociopathologic obliquity or other monorational disorders."

He went on to explain: "A perceived intracerebral, mesocephalic lucidity is in many cases obfuscated either by a high level of obliquitous noise or stasis of the expository motor network. Monophrastic, reiterative emissions may also be evident, often symptomatic of an underdeveloped or supervariegated reproenuncial gland."

Simple Technique

Hitherto, the only treatment for this unhappy condition has been deep neurosurgery at an expensive Penge clinic. And yet, he went on to explain, he has devised a simple technique which can improve powers of expression in English to a remarkable degree.

Rapid Results

According to this remarkable man, anyone could, in just 20 minutes a day, improve his autoexpressional projection facility by means of a simple technique. For example, you would have at your fingertips hundreds of long and impressive-sounding words when playing Scrabble, and be entirely at ease during conversations with eccentric academics involving such topics as cosmological ontology or sheet metal bending.


To acquaint all readers with the easy-to-follow rules for developing skill in English, we, the publishers, have printed full details of this interesting self-training method in a fascinating illustrated booklet, "How to Talk Posh". For your FREE copy, complete the coupon below and send, with a used 5 note, to:

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*Please note that powers of self-expression can go up as well as down.