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Welcome to our irregular newsletter, containing information about the latest developments and special offers from Rissoletone.

New Directions

High Class Footwear

Previously known for its innovative range of electroacoustic and computer products, Rissoletone is pleased to announce its entry into the fashion foot garment arena.

Using only the finest selected materials, each shoe is hand-crafted in our own Penge fabrication shed to the highest possible international standards. They represent outstanding value and come with a cast-iron 5 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Model illustrated: the Escargot, price £9/19/6d

Coming soon: High Class Feet - a coordinated range of feet, specially designed to fit our exclusive Foot Garment collection like a glove.

New Range of Portable Computers

Rissoletone NB-1000 Series Personal Notebook Computers now available

These compact units feature the latest multi-bit central processing capability. The hybrid technology employs transistors as well as thermionic valves to reduce power consumption. Power is provided by a self-contained diesel generator which can give up to 15 minutes uninterrupted computing time. The Go-AnyWhere mobility undercarriage has fully sprung self-lubricating sprockets and a three speed gearbox.

Model illustrated: the NB-1000a, price £45,219/19/6d (Easy Terms available)

Hard Disk Drives

After years of painstaking research we are pleased to announce our new disk drives. These units accept standard 10 inch shellac disks (78 rpm) and offer up to five minutes playing time. Use with Rissoletone "Euphonic" bristle styli for superior tone and volume.

Price only £29,402/19/6d (discounts available for quantities)


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